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Newground’s goal was to create a ready-to-drink beverage that not only tasted good, but also included alcohol.

The result, a combination of nitro technology and the finest ingredients for the perfect pour and smooth taste. At 5% alcohol, Newground is perfect on its own, as well as mixed with a harder spirit. Whether you’re looking for a boost in your evening or a new weekend hangover remedy, Newground was designed with you in mind.

Hard Nitro Cafe Latte

5% alcohol | Nitro Widget Inside

Balanced by a sweetness, the Cafe Latte can be paired with just about anything. Infused with Dutch cream, the malt beverage takes on a sweet, rich flavor for any coffee or dessert lover.

Made with real coffee and contains caffeine.
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Hard Nitro Chai Latte

5% alcohol | Nitro Widget Inside

Balanced by a vanilla sweetness, these Chais can be enjoyed just about anywhere, anytime. The Chai Latte, while sweet, takes on a less bitter flavor when combined with Dutch Cream.

Made with real tea and caffeine-free.
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